Welcome to Fencing Epee

Welcome to my Fencing Epee blog wherein I will be chronicling my efforts to master the fine art of the epee.
In the approved beginner’s manner I started out fencing foil in Dublin’s Pembroke Fencing Club. After training with the foil for over a year I began to take epee lessons and I am now concentrating on epee as my weapon of choice. This blog is intended to cover all aspects of epee fencing, my training, and anything else that I feel an urge to blog about.
For experienced fencers, please feel free to post your comments or advice.
For novice fencers, I hope my efforts will help and encourage you.
For anyone who knows nothing about fencing epee, I hope this may encourage you to pick up a sword and make a stab at it.

Welcome as we begin fencing epee.

Photo courtesy John Shiels/Action Photography Ireland

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