Fencing Chic

I got very excited on Saturday to see the above  sub-heading in Irish Times here .  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a fashion shoot loosely hung on  a forthcoming play Between Foxrock and a Hard Place based on the popular Ross O’Carroll Kelly character and to have very little to do with fencing as we know it.  (For non-Irish readers, Ross O’Carroll Kelly is, if not exactly the hero, the central character in a satirical series of comic novels that have charted the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger)

Fencing Chic - Photo by Rasmus Mogensen at www.rasmusmogensen.com

Anyhow, apparently Sorcha,  Ross’ ex-wife has a penchant for “fencing chic” and “stomps around in silver gunmetal, tunics and over embellished footwear.”  Indeed.  Of course it could be worse, the style of her principle rival is described as “clothes you can easily take off”.  Yes, well, young people nowadays, etc.

Fencing Chic - Ruven Afanador

Fencing Chic - Photo by Ruven Afanador for Elle Italia

It’s all a little divorced from fencing clothing as we know it.  Fencing retains a certain sense of style and grace.  The idea of fit young men and women in pristine whites engaging in a little elegant sword play over a trifling matter of honour is still our idealised self image.  It is certainly far more attractive an ideal than a rather rotund middle-aged man in grubby grays puffing down the piste preceded by the unmistakeable smell of stale sweat that no amount of washing or airing will ever remove.  The horror, the horror.

Tim Morehouse and Sean Buckley for Esquire Magazine; photo by Tom Fowlks

Tim Morehouse and Sean Buckley for Esquire Magazine; photo by Tom Fowlk

Now this is more like it!

Thanks to the magic of the internet I am able to bring you some photographs of fencing chic.  All images are copyright of the named publishers and/or photographers.

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