The New Fencing Season Has Started…

… or so they tell me.

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Not that I can say I have really noticed. For various reasons, I have only been to training a handful of times in the last two months and I haven’t been to a single competition. Nor is that likely to improve in the short term; right now I’m nursing a strained calf muscle as a result of a running injury exacerbated by trying to do a tango lesson on it (remember Confucius’ advice – never give a sword to a man who can’t dance).  The problem for me and for this blog then is, if I’m not fencing, what should I write about.  So, I’ve decided to take the blog in a couple of new directions…

Beyond fencing; exercise, fitness and general health

As I said, with various external pressures and/or clashes of work, family and so on, the time I can give to fencing for the next few months will be very limited.  However, I am, as a middle-aged man who is somewhat overweight and out of condition, trying to increase my all round activity levels by squeezing extra exercise in where I can. With this in mind, the first new direction I want to take this blog is into more general musings on health, exercise and general fitness and maybe even, heaven forfend, weightloss.  Except for….

Food and the conflict between the gourmand and the athlete

We all know that the secret to healthy lifestyle is a combination of exercise and healthy eating which ties in neatly with one of my other passions, cookery, and that is the other direction the blog is moving. What’s this you say? Are you quite mad? Well, yes, quite probably. But, I’ve always wanted my own cookery blog and it seems a bit pointless to start a second blog when I have a perfectly servicable one here.  The conflict arises from the competeing effects of good eating and good exercise and a happy medium may be hard to strike.  After all, would you trust a skinny chef?  Nor will it be helped by the fact that I’m not noted for my healthy cookery being, as I am, something of a fan of classic haute cuisine and having a great distrust of the more excitable claims of nutritionists and dieticians but this may make me concentrate on more healthy dishes (I feign use the word diet). And of course, cookery, like fencing, is greatly reliant on blade work. I am a great believer in the dictum that the only gadgets a cook needs are three good knives. Which is fine until you try to make a meringue.

So there you go, stick with fencing epee the blog that’s now dedicated to fencing, culture, cookery and exercise. All very renaissance, don’t you know.

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